range of markets


We offer our clients a vast number of Commodity assets, such Gold, Silver, Oil, Platinum, Sugar, Corn, and more. With a range of possibilities in the commodity markets, from livestock to precious metals and energy, we can allow our clients to profit on many different markets and to diversify their portfolios. Traders in this market consist of Speculators, Importers, Exporters, and Manufactures who are eager to reduce their exposure and manage their risks.



The Currency Market (or Forex Market) is the largest market by trading volume, exceeding 5 Trillion Dollars per day. To put that in perspective, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has a daily average trading volume of 24 Billion usd, a fraction of the enormous Forex Market. We offer our clients one of the largest Currency Platforms, we allow our clients to take advantage of various Market turmoil and other critical Economical events. One of the main focus Traders look at when trading Forex are Interest Rate decisions or other stimulus decided or implied by Central Banks.



The main World Indices consist of the German DAX, Japanese Nikkei, British FTSE, French CAC, and of course the US Market Dow Jones, NYSE,NASDAQ, S&P 500. We provide our clients the ability to trade these indices, opening the door to international markets for all our traders and investors. Many investors prefer trading indices because of the” built in” diversification in them , due to the fact that each index consists of the leading stocks in their Countries.



We offer our clients Worldwide Stocks with large Market capital only, giving our clients the ability to trade only on common leading Stocks recognized throughout the globe. There are many different ways to trade stocks; day-traders tend to trade stocks on earning-season reports or announcements, while longer term Investors tend to hold the stock and benefit from dividends and market appreciation.



One of the biggest markets traded, much bigger than all the Equity markets. We allow our clients the possibility to trade on major Bonds, such as: US 10 year note, 30 year note, 1 year T-bills, German Bunds and more. This way Traders and Investors can hedge their positions, protect themselves against inflation, and speculate on Central Bank moves.