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This great feature takes Social Trading to a whole new level, allowing other traders accounts to be linked to their own trading accounts.

How does it work? Simple. On the ‘Follow me’ page inside the Personal area (after opening an account) you will see our top Traders/Investors for different periods of trade. For example, the top 10 traders of the week (traders/investors who managed to accumulate the highest net-profit to his/her account in that specific time period, will be seen on the square of “Top Traders-Weekly”, there is also a ranking of the top 10 in each category.

The different categories are: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly.

So, if you are a trader who lacks time or experience, you can link your account to one of the top traders in the category you choose and every trade submitted in the ‘mother account’ of the trader you are following will be automatically done in your own personal account as well, this way you can really enjoy the success of the ‘mother account’ you are linked to.

Important to remember, only top traders who have chosen to be part of the social trading network will be visible to all and only their initials and a trading number will be visible, all other personal information about their account are entirely discrete. The top traders who have agreed to open a ‘mother account’ will be compensated 20% of all profits done in all the trading accounts linked to his/her account, substantially increasing his capital and profits.

Therefore to be part of this program and to enjoy the profits of a successful trader, you must agree to share your profits (20 percent) with the ‘mother account’ trader you are linked to.

Only if the trades which the mother-account has done are profitable will you be needed to share the profits of the mother-account’s trades. If the trades have lost than no managerial fee or any type of fee is required to be paid. So basically it is in everyone’s interest that the trading is successful.

You can choose to stop following the specific Traders mother-account at any time.

*No more than 21 traders are allowed to be linked to a single Mother-Account.

You can decide to be linked and to enjoy the benefits of the ‘follow me’ system to any account you wish to be linked to, subject to the owner’s agreement of the account you wish to follow.


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It is also advised to read the terms and conditions and understand the risk disclosure of any type of trading.