Will I receive help in my trading?

Absolutely, DaxMarkets has all the tools you need to succeed in the market. Please go to the ‘Account types’ page to see exactly what type of tools you can receive per account. After signing up an Account Manager will contact you to explain further. It is important to point out that most of the services are provided by professional third party providers with extraordinary reputation.

How can I deposit?

Simple, after signing up you will see a ‘deposit’ page, or if you already have an account you can fund it by simply clicking the ‘deposit’ button. We accept: Visa, Master card, Maestro and wire transfers.

How fast can I withdrawal funds from my account? And where do they get sent back to?

The withdrawal process is up to 72 hours from request, and goes back to the source of deposit. All clients must make sure their clients have been verified in order to assure a fast withdrawal process.

Do you work with a regulated platform?

DaxMarkets works with a Web Trading Station fully connected to regulated platforms all combined and presented through your web platform. Therefore you can trade knowing that the data presented and it’s technology is accurate. DaxMarkets reserves the right to change or add various regulations.

What are Margin-Loans?

Margin-loans are a form of leverage introduced to option trading and have been a great success in the financial world. It gives clients the ability to expand their trading and create larger volume. Margin-loans have conditions of usage and are considered to be a type of credit provided by the company, therefore it is important to read and understand the terms & conditions before using margin-loans in your account as it might not be suitable for everyone.

What types of services are provided by the third parties working with DaxMarkets?

These services include: Signals, Market Reviews, Analysts opinions, Algo-trading (Robots), Money Managers, Market Sentiment and more. Other services provided by DaxMarkets are ‘social trading’ with the possibility to use the ‘Follow Me’ service, giving you the ability to follow other trader’s trading strategies.