algo trading

We live in an era where the term “computer vs man” is not fiction but a reality. More and more trades than ever before are being done by computers and different types of software.

We at DaxMarkets have taken this to our advantage, after years of experience with a wide variety of trading tools from top-of-line third party companies specializing in Algotrading, we have integrated to our trading platform some of the finest.

These ‘Robots’ programmed with advanced computer software can recognize Hundreds-of-thousands of trading patterns and more importantly using ‘machine learning’ algorithms these robots can learn and storage data for future use.

The Algotrading robot you choose to be linked to your account can be stopped at any time.

The Robots can be set to monitor and submit buying/selling orders on up to 10 different assets.

This Technological feature allows clients to save time in front of the screens and not to be obligated to share profits with a Money Manager.

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It is also advised to read the terms and conditions and understand the risk disclosure of any type of trading.